This is Leylah. She lives in my closet … except when the sun is out. But if the boys are home, you will surely find the cat in my closet.

Although I’ve always been crafting and love various forms of paper craft, sewing and needlework, I found my niche and passion when my boys started school and I assisted in coordinating the craft group to produce items to sell at the annual fair. I found that I love working towards a specific goal, from imagining an idea to designing it and eventually producing a lovely piece of work.

It was as I designed two masks from scratch that I fell in love with pattern making and my line of felt masks came into vision.

Since there are always small pieces of felt left over, I tried my hand at embroidering a small circle of felt and it became a beautiful brooch. You will usually find a little brooch in the making in my handbag.

Then came my son’s space themed birthday party and I made him a birthday crown … and once again, could not stop trying all kinds of different designs.

My boys are my inspiration and my cat is always close by to ensure that every item is stitched with passion and care.